Project Vidyaranya


Nature of Initiative:



Vidyaranya is located with operations around Urban Bengaluru, Hassan Districts and rural districts in and around Bengaluru city.


The main aim of Vidyaranya is to have peace and harmony in the society. It believes in working with the marginalized sections of the society and helps in empowering them and enabling them with a futuristic vision of having another society with the best models of economic and social relations. It also helps to alternate the paradigm of development. With the focus on men, women, and children, having the basic right to determination and dignity it also has an endless choice of improving their own well being as well their hidden potentials.

Reference group:

Vidyaranya mainly works with the marginalized sections of the society and reaches out to the men, women, and children who have the zeal to do something beneficial for themselves and the society.


Children, elderly, women and the ailing in and around the area of Bengaluru, have a great problem in being taken care of. They are open to neglect, exploitation, abuse and children on the streets have to face an added disadvantage of living in uncomfortable conditions. The organization thus endeavors tto develop the lives of these people and rehabilitate them. People are provided with food, water, shelter, education, and health facilities thus making it easier for them to go ahead in life.

Project brief:

Many homes and houses have been created for the needy and the poor. Gandhi Home for the aged takes care of rehabilitation of aged people. Hosa Belaku is another Home for the aged, which takes care of abandoned elderly people. They are given a support and taken care of until someone claims them. Open Shelter programme has been provided to many children in Bengaluru through which they are protected from exploitation, neglect, and abuse. Rainbow Home is an attempt to protect the vulnerable girl children and give them a safe and happy childhood. Aarideepa Residential School for visually impaired children helps to take care of special children and train them in orientation and mobility. Spruthi Residential school for mentally challenged children helps to take care of moderate and mildly mentally challenged children and provides them with something that would educate and ttrain them. Sarojini Rehabilitation Centre takes care of women who are oppressed and it provides such women with employment and self sufficiency. Ujjawala Programme is an attempt to prevent exploitation of women and rescue, rehabilitate, and repatriate the women who are in various parts of the country. Sanjeevani Rehabilitation Centre for Women in Problems is another attempt to provide the basic needs of medicine, food, shelter, and clothing. Health programs like Suvarna Gramodaya, aim to create model villages in Karnataka within a year with facilities of computers, and electricity. Urban Deprived Children is an organization that aims to take care of drug addiction in children and orphaned and abandoned children. The Mid day meal scheme is an attempt tto provide meal to the students in poor schools in Karnataka. The Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Project is an attempt to provide health facilities to many remote villages in Karnataka beginning with 10 such villages. There are mobile health clinics tto fulfill this aim.