Project Turning Point

Turning Point

Nature of Initiative:

Foundations towards a new life.


The organization has its roots in Delhi in Dayal Market in Alipur.


The main objective of the organization is to help to develop an environment for all the beneficiaries where they could make the right choices leading life of respect and dignity. The organization aims to provide cost effective services and quality input to all people who are affected negatively by anything related to health and social issues. This is possible through a holistic approach to the entire treatment such that the clients would achieve a good level of wellness and well being.

Our vision is to develop an environment for our beneficiaries in which they can make healthy choices and lead a life of dignity and respect.

Reference group:

Turning Point mainly deals with drug rehabilitation and treatment. Volunteerism is a philosophy on which the organization works. Turning Point believes that volunteers are crucial for developing and reaching out to those who cannot be reached. The organization mainly works with the help of counselors, students, professionals and creates a level of awareness of the ill effects of drug in the world.


There are many people in the world who really do not care much about how drugs could influence their life. They come under the influence of drugs and require organizations like Turning Point to take care of their needs. The organization mainly aims at spreading awareness of addiction to drugs and the related natural treatments and rehabilitation.

Project brief:

Turning Point has been successfully catering to many kinds of incomegroupos for drug de-addiction and rehabilitation services. Besides it also caters to the needs of AIDS and HIV patients and helps in reducing the drug users at Panipat. There are centres for yoga and naturopathy services alongwith services for ambulance and awareness sessions. . There is a group of medical help that aims at bringing about a sea change in the functioning of the organization.