Project Swards


Nature of Initiative:

Social welfare


SWARDS is located at Badavanahalli in Madhugiri Taluk in the state of Karnataka


The main aim of Swards is to create opportunities for health, education, and providing nutrition to needy people in the society. The organization also has plans to promote and endorse projects for healthy interactions and for facilitating basic needs like nutrition and health. Swards thus creates awareness programs on literacy, health care and collaborates with Governments and many other NGOs thus giving stability to these areas which lack in education, health and medical facilities.

Reference group:

SWARDS is working with people related to health care, and child development. It also interacts with entrepreneurs who are in evolved in the development of the society and improves the overall development of sustainable growth. It works in around 300 villages and deals with a population of 65800, mainly in the districts of Thumkur, Hassan, Rayachur, and Chikkamagalore. With more than 15500 adolescents and youth, the organization takes care of 18500 families and around 13300 children. Out of the children, 25% of the children are below six years of age and are children who are susceptible to physical and sexual abuse, starvation and are prone to diseases.


There are many children who need care and protection in many areas in Karnataka. There are women too who need medical protection. Education is required for these needy kids and the organization thus aims to bring light into their lives, improve their living conditions and health standards, and imbibe educational values in them. Physically disabled children also are in need of medical and literary benefits. They have the potential but not the finance. SWARDS aims to achieve this through simple projects and ventures towards their benefit.

Project brief:

Swards has many programs that form the basis of its projects. There is a 12 year training programme for the local birth attendants or dais. There are dental camps and general medical health camps with the main purpose of diagnosing chronic disease in the community. There are medical awareness programs and campaigns for better maintenance of health. Again, SWARDS aims to educate the children in this region and has had 6 exposures and 12 camps that has benefitted many children here. Training programs imbibing the value of a mother are organized so that the children understand the purpose of being good to their mothers. Exposure camps for school drop outs ensures that this is reduced and as money is the reason these children drop out, arrangements were made for improving their life. Competitions, quiz programs and educational programs are held, and even physically handicapped children are taken care of. Children between 6 to 14 years of age get education compulsorily and the organization has identified uneducated youth and SHG members and imparted edcuation to them. In this manner, the organization has ensured that not only education, but also health and food is provided to all these people in this district, thus paving the path for great changes which would ultimately change the society.