Project Samparc


Nature of Initiative:

Social Action for Man Power Creation


Samparc is located near Lonavala at the base of the popular Bhaje caves.


The main aim of Samparc is to create lot of self sufficiency amongst orphans, needy children and those children who are at a disadvantage. Samparc aims to improve the quality of life with the help of better education and health facilities, vocational education and with the help of self development programs so that all children are benefitted as also women and youth.

Reference group:

Samparc mainly works for the children of sex workers, orphans and the disadvantaged children of rural areas. It also works for the urban community children, and aims at providing sanitation, health care facilities for them. It aims at empowering women with the help of self help groups and aids in generating income amongst them.


Society had many destitute and orphans as also sex workers who had children who needed a respectable position. These children were at times subjected to physical, emotional, and mental pressures. At times, they were deprived of food, love, homes and thus were leading an abandoned life. These children also faced health problems thus making it a very difficult situation for them. Smt. Lata Pande and Shri Amit Kumar Banerjee the founders of Samparc realized that an organization specially for such children needs to be formed so that they are not only identified as children of destitute women, sex workers or are labeled as orphans.

Project brief:

Samparc has many projects to its credit. The Balgram for Orphan Girl Child is an endeavour to make things comfortable for the orphan girl child. It has a centre with facilities of kitchen cum dining hall, community hall, guest room, library and other such facilities. All medical, educational, and nutritional needs of the children are taken care of. Poynad Balsadan, Shel-Pimpalgaon Balgram are again centres which take are of such children looking into all their needs. The Bal Asha Ghar is another centre with 53 children where the children of sex workers are educated and given extra curricular activities to indulge in. There is a counselor, project in charge, housemothers, gardener to take care. Anjar Balgram in Gujarat is another centre, which deals with children from nearby villages and panic stricken children. The organization educates and supports children from poor economical background. The Kolkata Shishu Kendra aims at taking care of poor children in this region and educating them. The Bhambarde School and Hostel educates the poor tribal children in Mulshi taluka in Pune district and teaches children upto Std.X. The Vocational Training Centre at Malavli aims at providing a means of income for children who drop out of school as early as Standard IV and later on X. The Medical centre at Malavli provides primary help and medical aid to the poor and the tribal population in and around here through regular dispensary medical aid programmes. It protects people from water borne diseases, illnesses and various other health problems. The Women Empowerment Venture at Malavli is another endeavour, which takes care of women and their requirements and gives them the power tto progress. There are entrepreneurship programmes and other projects, which include life insurance, education to masses, care for small children, health aids for locals and women growth programmes for self help.