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Our Orphanage project

Time and tide wait for none. Life is a journey. There is a lot of connection between these two adages. We understand that time is important but it is also crucial that in this journey of life we learn to take out time and realise its importance too.

Project Colors is an initiative which endorses its belief in the existence of humanity around the world. It enriches the life of many and there are trained and qualified volunteers who work for the country wholeheartedly and help the underprivileged to have a better life. Project Colors believes in helping those who help themselves. Whether they are orphans or helpless women, disabled children or the ailing elderly, the organisation helps all not only in rural but also urban India. It also makes up with lot of love, care with fervour.

Project Colors would be able to do better if you offer your support, in any form whether as a Corporate or as an individual. We aim at eradicating the helplessness in people’s life and creating hopefulness for them. We have many projects which help the underprivileged and the other lesser fortunate children who do not have enough education or who are in need of medical aid. Our main project is focussing on the education of the girl child.


Girl Child: Was Earlier in Doom but now it is time for her to Bloom.

India is a country which has a lot of technological superiority and has modernization as well as tradition dominating the whole scene. It gives respect for all women and also brings into focus the gory facts and the naked truth regarding the girl child. There are many who remain oblivious of these conditions of the girl child. Project Colors helps to get in touch with them.

There are certain questions that are raised when we think of a girl child.

Why is it that the number of girl children being raped is on the rise?
Why is there so much female infanticide?
Why a girl child is considered secondary in education in many Indian villages?
Why is a girl child forced to marry even before she learns to fly with her dreams?
Why is a girl child a victim of molestation, malnutrition and prostitution in many Indian regions?

There is still lot of conventional beliefs about bringing up a girl child who is still an unwanted gender in many Indian villages. The contemporary mindsets of developing and modern India has not given much thought to finding out ways to overcome the many evils that the girl child faces in the country.

Around 0.7 million girls die every year due to strangulation and due to being victims of female infanticide. This is very soon going to surpass the 1.2 million figures in China where girl children are still victims of abuse every year. There are other areas of child abuse that the girl child faces and this is gradually eroding the happiness that educationists and social reformers experience when they see a step taken towards protecting females.

The question of the hour is if we can make a difference? Of course we can herald a change that could revolutionise the entire society.

This is possible through small efforts and significant steps taken towards protecting the girl child right from the time she is in the womb till the time she grows into an adult woman.


Save The Girl Child

Supposing that the condition of the girl child in backward Indian regions is under threat, Project Colors aims at setting right many mindsets and many notions about girl child. The idea of man dominating the society and the possible gender bias which occupies various strata of society makes it a more difficult task. Project Colors makes sure that society does not fall victim to all this.

There is a girl child somewhere who could die of hunger.
There is a possibility that a bright intelligent child could be burnt out of frustration.
There is a chance that an intelligent brain could be ploughing fields instead of getting educated.
There is a chance that a girl child could be wasting time scrubbing floors.
There is a chance that a small flower could be crushed before it gets a chance to bloom.
There is a chance that a girl child would be getting disrespected by getting subjected to molestation thus getting shame forever.


There is a Girl Child out there who needs your care

Aurangabad is one such place where a girl child needs your love and care. It is one of the most backward districts in the state of Maharashtra. With more than 75% of the population living in rural areas, agriculture is the main occupation here. Thus people are very dependent on the monsoon season here. The district is subject to lot of drought conditions and villages here in fact lack in transport facilities, drinking water, medication and sanitation etc. Economic conditions here are not good and they infiltrate all the villages in Aurangabad and create a condition of inequality. Bonded labour, low wages, and child labour deface the angelic image of humans and add to this, child marriage, sexual harassment, ailments and habits like alcoholism and problems like juvenile delinquency and you are sure that this disrupts the entire social process.

Women who bear the greatest brunt of conditions like poverty are the most affected. In Aurangabad literacy of females is very low at 20% and around 75% of the women are not in good health. Women here are anemic and if the girl child is protected from female infanticide then she is well on her path to success. Her journey of life is full of molestation cases, rape incidents and early marriage along with being a good house person and learns to withstand hunger. The existence of a girl child is indeed difficult and she has a very tough life to lead. A girl child in Aurangabad really needs you support and you can help to save her life.


Project Colors: A Very Responsible Social and Charitable Venture

Project Colors has taken two main projects under its care. It has mainly done this for the purpose of improving the condition of the girl child in Aurangabad. Vidyadeep and Disha Vikas Kendra are two such ventures which covers around 10 slums and 10 villages in Gangapur and Aurangabad blocks in the district of Aurangabad.

Project Colors has been registered under the Public Trust Act 1959 reg no ju 282011 and is an honest effort for all benefactors who want to do a lot towards charity and humanity. This began as a very modest effort and today is a very recognised institution which has mainly focussed on ridding the society of the evils. These damage the downtrodden sections in the country.

Their main principle is Education, Ration and Medication. Project Colors has always been working towards the benefit of the society and has focussed on the overall development of children and women who are deprived and helping in providing them with medical support. The organisation has also helped to provide food to those who are hungry thus making many lives prosper here in India.

Many projects have been implemented successfully here in rural as well as urban India and these have laid the foundation for many more dream projects in this connection. These include

Suraksha Orphanage: Suraksha shelters and takes care of all those children without a home. These children are protected under this venture whether they are runaway kids or orphans or kids in distress due to some crisis involving financial needs or family problems. The main idea is to help these children and educate them and also make them responsible citizens of the country.

Mehnati Heerey: Mehnati Heerey gives the right direction and sense to the life of many destitute kids who belong to the community of adivasis or labourers. There are many volunteers who help to reach out to the interior most districts as well as the backward areas where the simple idea of education is not yet known.



Amcha Ghar and Vidyadeep
These projects in the district of Aurangabad help in giving the underprivileged girl child a more meaningful existence and helps in improving the quality and standard of living. Vidyadeep is an orphanage which helped through philanthropic measures and has been doing it since nine decades. Disha Vikas Kendra is in its nascent stage and has played a major role in this honourable venture against the abuse of the girl child.

Project Colors has created a visionary effort by taking these steps towards the progress of the girl child and has reached out to the remote areas of Aurangabad. The venture has helped in providing the girl child with the best facilities that help in enriching her life as a woman.



The projects undertaken for the girl child from 10 slums and 10 villages in Aurangabad and Gangapur blocks of Aurangabad are mainly for the benefit of these children. They are the main beneficiaries and come from orphans or an economically backward class, or are orphans or at times children who have only a single parent. There are many categories which determine the ventures and these show the poor background these beneficiaries come from. They are mainly from areas where:

They do not have a means to earn or do not have opportunities for a job
The houses here are made from tin sheets
There are many crucial factors like health care and education which are not found in these areas.
There are families here who try to make two ends meet.
This is a place where poverty is continuously prevailing due to lack of good agriculture.
This is an area where there is no government help.
The villages are basically determined on the basis of a radius of around 15 to 45 kms from the city of Aurangabad and the small slums that are attached to the social hub.


The Objectives

  • The main objectives are to make sure that the girl child is always protected from the social evils.
  • The idea is to provide them with the main rights of shelter, food as well as education.
  • The main goal is to encourage the many talents like singing, dancing, acting etc.
  • The objective is to give them independence emotionally and financially and by helping to train them in other small
          professions like embroidery, tailoring, candle making and such entrepreneurial ventures.
  • There is a genuine attempt to give values in life that are precious and special.
  • The objective is to give the morals of simple living with zeal to thing high.


Future Plans

Project Colors has brought out many events and activities that are going to be done mainly for the girl child. The basic aim is to provide food, education and shelter for all those who require it. All activities would be done under the guidance and supervision of the experts in this field. There would be special teachers who would train these girl children in entrepreneurial skills and help them to meet th goal of developing their personality. Thus the efforts would go into making them independent with a lot of strength.

  • Providing areas of learning like professional learning in computers with the help of special teachers.
  • Training given towards skills like candle making, sewing, catering, goat rearing etc which promises to make them
          financially independent.
  • To conduct seminars dealing with topic on livelihood skills as well as development of personality with the help of
          professional speakers.
  • Imbibing in them the practice of yoga thus helping to create self discipline.
  • Giving extra coaching to those children who need it and teaching them to pray.
  • Training them in basic factors like personal hygiene, cleanliness and educating them about sex etc.
  • Teaching them self protection through activities like judo, karate etc.

Besides all this there is a plan for developing other extra curricular ventures which improves the quality of life and also helps in spreading happiness and teaches the art of sharing. This is a must for complete development.

  • Celebrating festivals, birthdays, national days thus inculcating the values of togetherness and unity.
  • Organising cultural programmes like drama, dance, and rangoli competitions, so that they are given a chance
          to understand their inner talents.
  • To help improve their intellect through games and sports.
  • By helping them understand socializing through educative camps and picnics.
  • There would be efforts to take them on small tours to national heritage sites and teaching them
          about national heroes.
  • There would be exhibitions where you could sell your things and prepare for something that they could
          venture towards earning for themselves.


The expected result

Since Amcha Ghar and Vidyadeep have been functioning with successful endeavours in helping in uplifting the downtrodden in the district of Aurangabad. There has been a considerable juvenile delinquency, an increase in child education and women have been empowered with the help of self help groups.

The organisation has encouraged the cause of the deprived children in the slums and villages of Aurangabad and Project Colors has dreams of eradicating menace totally thus creating a new generation of females which is independent, strong and with due respect to the values and traditions of Indian origin.


A Request to Mankind

We make efforts to close the gap between the dreams that are there for the lesser offs and the deprivation they face. The idea is to bring down the forces of illiteracy, hunger and poverty. The organisation helps to promote employment, education and enhancement of basic human rights that these deprived really deserve. Thus their lives would change and their dreams would be given a chance.

Project Colors helps to work in a manner that makes sure that there is accountability and credibility alongwith transparency thus giving complete flexibility to choose the kind of project or the place or the person you have to work with. There is lot of confidence and trust amongst the benefactors who support this entire process with loyalty and dedication. The organisation helps medical and educational institutes thus promoting a charitable cause.

We help the world by trying to achieve a new vision of having a nation that does not have crimes like girl child abuse. this is a land that has Goddess Durga, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Laxmi and it is really not possible to see the people of our country raping, killing and getting involved in molestation of the girl child.

There are many opportunities for sponsoring the various ventures of the organisation and these are chosen mainly by various means and desire. The agenda for sponsorship is very flexible and is the right one to suite the needs of the people as it also caters to their interests. All kinds of contribution would help and they matter.

It is all about women power and at all times they create a world of magical change.



No. Donate for Education Rs.
1. Primary 4800/-
2. Low Cost nutritious diet 6000/-
3. Stationary and uniform(10 kids) 25000/-
4. Girls orphanage (100) 1,20,000/-


General Operational cost of orphanage (100) girls

No. Particular MONTHLY AMOUNT No Of employees AMOUNT (YEARLY)
1. Field supervisor 1 5000/- 1 60,000/-
2. Craft teacher 1 3000/- 3 1,08,000/-
3. Computer teacher 1 3000/- 2 72,000/-
4. Cook 1 4000/- 2 96,000/-
5. Watchman 1 4000/- 1 48,000/-
6. Travelling 1 3000/- 2 72,000/-
7. Administrative coast 1 5000/-   60,000/-
8. Miscellaneous  exp 1 1000/-   12,000/-
9. Project/ centre in charge 1 7000/- 1 84,000/-
10. Governess 1 3000/- 2 72,000/-
11. Adopt a child 1x10 43000/- 12 5,16,,000/-
  TOTAL       12,00,000/-