Project Jankalyan Samiti

Jankalyan Samiti

Nature of Initiative:

Peoples Empowerment


Jankalyan Samiti is located in Raichur in the state of Karnataka.


Jankalyan Samiti aims to have many programs for the weaker sections, children, and women. It also has plans for improving the socio-economic status of the various communities. It also takes care of the street children and the handicapped and disabled. With the help of new technologies, and the aim of motivation, the organization aims to motivate all to adopt it. It implements programs for developing environment in a healthy manner and alleviate poverty. Education is also being taken care of by the organization through opening middle, High and primary schools, and engineering colleges. Reading rooms, libraries, and adult education programs for the illiterate and plans of borrowing loans are also taken care of by the organization. It has also brought out many magazines and journals alongwith souvenirs in the public interest. It works on the principles of serving four holy mothers – Manavi Maata, Bhoo Mata, Go Mata and Ganga Mata.

Reference group:

Jankalyan Samiti mainly works with the social, cultural and educational as well as political institutions with a secure economy and a safe livelihood.


After India got partitioned, the country faced lot of communal tension and many people and families suffered. Rehabilitation projects helped people to accommodate and The Sindhudurg Rehabilitation Project of Raichur District was one of them. Education, ration and medical facilities were provided tto them and the project was a part of the State Government from 1983. The organization took over with Swami Vivekanandas saying that Education is the backbone of the Society and the base for people’s empowerment. Jankalyan Samiti took birth in 1997.

Project brief:

Jankalyan Samiti is an innovative way of bringing the rural mass to a common platform and then taking care of their issues in a united manner. Jana Krishi improves livelihood through natural farming and water harvesting. Jan Raksha takes care of the health of animals. Jan Shakti is a venture to take care of renewable sources of harvesting energy. Jan Shikhsa is a venture for reaching the unreached children. Maa Sarada Pre University College gives education to the underprivileged. Jan Udyog gives entrepreneurship facilities to rural areas and Jan Jal practises water harvesting for irrigation and drinking.