Project Chaitanya Education

Chaitanya Educational And Rural Development Society

Nature of Initiative:

Sustainable and self-reliant rural communities


CERDS is presently working in 100 villages of drought prone and coastal ares of Guntur, Prakasam, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.


CERDS aims to educate people and give them self – reliance, and encourages the spirit of co-operation and social justice in them. The organization aims to find out projects and schemes and aids in executing them such that it would help to eliminate misery and poverty from the country. Thus, the organization helps in developing communities and persons and employs the energy derived from people towards better and more productive causes in the field of culture and education. Knowledge is the key power of the activities of CERDS and it helps in conducting research on arts, social work, literature, economic aspects of the Rural communities.

Reference group:

CERDS aims to help all the communities, which are under the poverty line. It thus creates lives for these people and helps to promote sustainable village communities, which are the chief areas of working for CERDS.


India has many villages which are not in the process of development. The overall development of the country depended mainly on the progress of rural areas. CERDS helped to strengthen these rural areas such that they benefit the entire nation. There are many village communities, which need guidance and support in advancing towards progress. CERDS helps people to help themselves and provides the right support and co-operation, which makes a stronger socio economic base for the rural people.

Project brief:

CERDS has had many projects to its credit and aims to giving a better section of society. Children in the underprivileged sections are being taken care of by the organisation such that they are given educational facilities, medical help and dining material. Many kids in the sea coastal areas have been given nutritional and educational aids through the two education centres in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Families here, around 5,500 of them have been provided with around 225 borewell for pure drinking water. A Reverse Osmosis plant in Suravarapupalle village also takes care of around 800 disadvantaged families. Sanitary toilet facilities have been constructed to help around 63 rural poor families. Around 5 disabled children have been given wheel chairs to help mobilization. Around 3000 patients have been given medical and health support through health awareness and medical camps. CERDS actively helped during the health, food, and medical services in at least 5 villages.